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Old Yellow Top is the name given to a Sasquatch like creature that has been sighted on numerous occasions around the town of Cobalt Ontario in Canada. The first documented sighting of Old Yellow Top occurred in September of 1906 after the discovery of silver lead to a boom of sorts in the area. The area of Cobalt suddenly found itself inundated with miners and fortune hunters seeking to cash in on the newly discovered precious medal. One group of miners, who had made their way deep into the forest east of town, were constructing the head frame of the Violet Mine when an ape like creature emerged from the woods into a clearing near their work site. When the men returned to town with details of their encounter, the creature was dubbed the Traverspine Gorilla, a name that would be replaced by its more famous moniker as sightings of the creature increased throughout the years.

The creature would eventually become known as Old Yellow Top, due to one constant in eye witness descriptions of the creature, light blonde colored hair covering the creatures head, neck, and shoulders. Besides this identifying characteristic, the creature was also described as being roughly 7 feet tall, weighting approximately 300 pounds and being covered in thick brown fur from the shoulders down. Based on this descriptions, many researchers have theorized that Old Yellow Top is not a unique cryptzoological creature, but instead a member of the Sasquatch family with a unique colorization. Much like an albino alligator, this colorization would be extremely rare, and would probably cause some issues for the creature in the wild when it came to blending in with its surroundings.

In July of 1923 two prospectors, J.A. MacAuley and Lorne Wilson reportedly encountered the creature while taking test samples of their mining claims Northeast of the Wettlaufer Mine, near Cobalt. The two woodsmen first thought that they were looking at a bear hunched over eating from a blueberry patch. However after Mr. Wilson unwisely threw a stone at the creature they quickly realized that was not the case. After being hit by the stone, the creature stood up and baring its teeth at the men let out a blood curdling roar. Mr. MacAuley and Mr. Wilson wasted little time high tailing it back to town where they would describe the creature as being roughly 7 feet tall, having a yellowish colored head and the rest of it being similar to a bear.

Several other sightings of Old Yellow Top have been documented over the years, including one in April 1946 when a young woman and her son witnessed what they described as a large brown haired creature effortless walking like a man across rail way tracks near the hamlet of Gilles Depot. Another, slightly more recent , occurred in August of 1976 when a bus loaded with 26 miners on their way to work the night shift at the Cobalt Lode Mine nearly went over a rocky embankment after the driver swerved to avoid hitting a dark colored creature crossing the road. The driver, Aimee Latrelle, first thought that the creature was a bear, until she caught a glimpse of its shoulder length light colored hair in the headlights.

A lack of recent sightings of Old Yellow Top have left some researchers to speculate that the creature may have passed away of old age at some point since the last sighting. If those who believed that Old Yellow Top was indeed an individual sasquatch, processing a single identifiable marker, in this case yellowish hair, then it is entirely possible that the creature may have simply died of old age. With the first reported signing of Old Yellow Top taking place in 1906 and the last in 1970, the creature would have been well over 64 years of age by the last sighting, given that the first sighing did not indicate a hint of adolescence.

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