April Slaughter


April Slaughter is a long time paranormal enthusiast who began her journey into the unknown at the tender age of eight when her family moved into a home rife with activity.

Unsatisfied by vague answers to her questions, April began to study various phenomena and was eventually inspired to pursue a career in the paranormal field. Her mentoring began under the direction of Chris and Nancy Peterson of the Utah Ghost Hunters Society in 2002 and she eventually went on to create and manage her own research team.

Along with her investigative partner James Boley, the pair managed one of Utah’s first paranormal organizations to research all areas of phenomena including hauntings, cryptozoology, psychical research, UFOs and more. April also joined forces with Alien Dave Rosenfeld, Director of the Utah UFO Hunters (UUFOH) and became an active member of his organization.

In 2006, April submitted her first article to TAPS Paramagazine (published by The Atlantic Paranormal Society and the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters), entitled The Haunting of Lehi Hospital. She was asked to continue writing for the publication as a staff journalist and also became the magazine’s Customer Service Manager. April was presented with the opportunity to travel with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson to represent the magazine at different events, also assisting with TAPS’ merchandising and visiting some of the most famous haunts in the country. She moved with her twin daughters from Utah to Rhode Island to work in the magazine office in 2007.

April relocated to Texas while continuing to write for TAPS as a Senior Staff Journalist with the magazine until her resignation in 2010.

In January of 2008, April founded The Paranormal Source, Inc. a non-profit research and education corporation based in the Dallas area. The Paranormal Source has created a unique network of experts consisting of some of the most well-respected names in the paranormal field to serve on their Advisory Board of Directors, including such notables as Rosemary Ellen Guiley, John Zaffis, and Loren Coleman. As the Executive Director, April manages the investigative team, marketing for the corporation, and is also often asked to speak at various paranormal functions.

In 2009, April published her first book Ghosthunting Texas with Clerisy Press, a traveler’s guide through the haunted side of Texas.

April is one of only a handful of people to own two of the highly controversial Frank’s Boxes (engineered and built specifically for her by Frank Sumption of Colorado). Her current studies include a focus on experimentation with these devices, as well as others currently available for research in Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Transcommunication (EVP & ITC). She is currently working on her next book Reaching Beyond the Veil: Unlocking the Mystery of Modern Spirit Communication which will be available late 2012.

You can find out more about April at her website here and you can visit her Paranormal Source website here.

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