Article FAQ

What are Articles?

The purpose of articles on The PACC is to give our members a creative outlet that is easily shared with the community. Articles give our members the ability to express their opinions, give commentary, share their knowledge and display their research. Articles are available to both members and groups and are easily submitted through the Submit Article link in the articles drop down.

I’ve written an article, now what?

Once you’ve gone to the Submit Article link and written an article you have a few options…

Submit: After writing your article, if you click the submit button the article will be posted to the articles section of your PACC Profile or Group Profile for anyone who visits your page to see.

Publish: If you select the publish option a copy of your article will be sent to the PACC Admin for review, if approved, your article will appear on the home page and main article page of The PACC for all our members to see, a link back to your profile or Group Site will also be created so that people can find you based on your article.

Privacy: If you wish to submit an article to The PACC but do not want the community to know who authored it, simply select the privacy option which appears after selecting the Publish options. If the privacy option is selected your article will be submitted to the PACC for review, and if approved, will be published without identifying you as the author. Keep in mind that the admin of the PACC will know who authored your article, but wont reveal that information without authorization from the author to do so.

Why would I select the privacy options?

if there was ever a reason you did not what your name associated with an article that you wrote, you’re the reason we added the privacy button. Maybe you took a picture that you wanted to share with the community but did not want them to know who took it just yet. Maybe you have a controversial theory and want to get it out there but don’t want people knowing it was your theory just yet. Though most people would not select the privacy option, it’s an option we thought we would give.

What should I write my article about?

You can write your articles about anything you want, for example, you could write your own take on recent news, write about an opinion, maybe you want to revisit a past sighting/event, or give some advise if you think it might help others avoid a mistake you’ve made  You could also write about an investigation you or your group recently did, review a book, movie or TV show, you could even write a how too article if you have considerable knowledge that people might find handy.

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