Extinct creature sightings are piling up in Australia

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

Multiple reports of Tasmanian Tiger sightings are starting to flow in from everyday citizens in Australia. Several people have recently claimed they’ve spotted the animal, which isn’t a tiger at all — and, despite looking very much like a species of dog, isn’t of canine lineage either — but a carnivorous marsupial. Spotting an interesting creature in Australia isn’t exactly a rare occurrence, but there’s one problem with these reports in particular: the Tasmanian Tiger is supposed to be extinct.

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A UFO Is Closing in on Earth and NASA Is Covering It Up, According to YouTubers

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One of the nice things NASA does is stream live footage from the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth 16 times a day. It’s pretty calming stuff—until a UFO enters the picture. Then all bets are off.

On July 9, NASA was streaming footage from the ISS when YouTuber Streetcap1 spotted something (aliens? probably aliens) entering the Earth’s atmosphere. But as the object (again, almost 100 percent aliens) nears our planet, the NASA feed cut out. While Streetcap1 points out it could be a meteor, we’ve seen Independence Day. We know what’s up. You can see the video below:

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New calculation shows alien contact will be made in 1,500 years

This article originally appeared on nypost.com.

Be patient– alien contact is now only 1,500 years away, scientists have calculated.

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a new equation to explain the Fermi Paradox, which suggests earthlings should have made contact with an extraterrestrial civilization by now.

The scientists calculated that signals from Earth would need to reach half of all the solar systems in the Milky Way in order to be picked up, decoded, and answered by an advanced alien civilization.

That’s not likely to happen for some 1,500 years because TV and radio transmissions were only first dispatched into space 80 years ago, so far reaching about 8,530 stars and about 3,500 Earth-like planets, they calculated.

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Does Image Beamed From Mars Show Alien’s Skull?

This article originally appeared on Yahoo.com.

The image, originally beamed to Earth from the Mars Curiosity rover, was the subject of a video from an alien investigative group, showing close-ups of the curious object on the desolate planet.

Is it a skull? If so, a skull of whom? Or what?

Introducing the video, Paranormal Crucible wrote: “Strange artifact found by the rover, appears to resemble a large skull, obviously alien in nature, could it be the remains of a Sasquatch or a bizarre Martian creature?”

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Super Earth 1,200 light-years away might be able to sustain life

This article originally appeared on cbsnews.com.

Astronomers think they’ve found a “super Earth” that might be capable of sustaining life. Kepler-62f is a planet 1,200 light-years away from our own, and in the same range of planets that are likely to not just be rocky, but also have oceans, the scientists say.

“We found there are multiple atmospheric compositions that allow it to be warm enough to have surface liquid water,” Aomaway Shields, study lead author and a National Science Foundation astronomy and astrophysics postdoctoral fellow at UCLA, said in a press release.

Shields worked alongside Eric Agol, Rory Barnes, Cecilia Bitz, Benjamin Charnay, and Victoria Meadows from the University of Washington. The team’s research was first published online in the journal Astrobiology.

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School-Bus-Size Giant Squid May Be Lurking Deep in the Sea

This article originally appeared on yahoo.com.

Steeped in mystery, the elusive, deep-sea-dwelling giant squid, with eyes the size of basketballs, may be larger than it has gotten credit for. In fact, the monster cephalopod may grow to be longer than a school bus, researchers say.

Specimens recognizable as giant squid (Architeuthis dux) have been found washed up onshore since at least 1639. However, these sea monsters — which some people say inspired the legend of the giant kraken, though not all scientists agree — are so elusive that they were largely thought to be mythical until they were first photographed alive in their natural environment in 2004.

Ever since giant squid were discovered, there has been considerable speculation as to how large they can get. In a previous analysis of more than 130 specimens, scientists said that none exceeded 42 feet (13 meters) in length. Suggesting that giant squid could grow larger was “a disservice to science,” they said

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Most of the universe has no way of knowing that we exist

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

Most of the aliens probably have no way of knowing that humans are on Earth.
This is a comforting thought if extraterrestrials terrify you and a disappointing one if you can’t wait to find ET. It also suggests just how little we know of the vast universe — and how little it knows of us.

Seth Shostak, director of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), told Tech Insider that he (and many other researchers) defines intelligent life as a being who can build a radio.

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Finding Aliens May Be Even Easier Than Previously Thought

This article originally appeared on universetoday.com.

Finding examples of intelligent life other than our own in the Universe is hard work. Between spending decades listening to space for signs of radio traffic – which is what the good people at the SETI Institute have been doing – and waiting for the day when it is possible to send spacecraft to neighboring star systems, there simply haven’t been a lot of options for finding extra-terrestrials.

But in recent years, efforts have begun to simplify the search for intelligent life. Thanks to the efforts of groups like the Breakthrough Foundation, it may be possible in the coming years to send “nanoscraft” on interstellar voyages using laser-driven propulsion. But just as significant is the fact that developments like these may also make it easier for us to detect extra-terrestrials that are trying to find us

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Scientists Uncover Array of Strange Animals in Cave That Has Been Sealed Off for 5.5 Million Years

This article originally appeared on ecowatch.com.

Scientists have found a whole new world hidden inside a cave that has been sealed for about 5.5 million years. The cave and its residents could provide scientists with answers to questions about global warming and the formation of life on Earth.

These interesting creatures call the Movile Cave in Romania their home. It was sealed when a sheet of limestone collapsed onto the opening. The cave wasn’t discovered until 1986 when Romanian workers were testing the surrounding ground as a potential power plant site.

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Secret population of Tasmanian devils discovered in remote forest

This article originally appeared on mnn.com.

The Tasmanian devil, brought to the brink of extinction in recent years due to a fatal, highly contagious disease, may yet recover thanks to the discovery of an isolated population in the island state’s remote southwest.

While the researchers didn’t actually lay eyes on the animals, they did discover quantities of feces in a heavily forested World Heritage area. When analyzed, the stool revealed nine completely new genetic variants for the devil, a boon for conservationists attempting to help captive populations improve their chances for survival.

“For us this is massive,” Sydney University geneticist Kathy Belov told the Sydney Morning Herald. “For years we have been calling devils clones because there’s so little diversity, and now we find that there is diversity out there, it’s just in remote areas.”

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This bizarre sea monster shows how strange life gets after an apocalypse

This article originally appeared on The Washington Post.

A newly discovered marine reptile is giving scientists a glimpse into the wondrous feats of nature in the face of adversity. Sclerocormus parviceps lived about 247 million years ago — in the aftermath of the most devastating mass extinction we know of, often referred to as “The Great Dying.” Some 96 percent of all species went extinct, and changes in ocean temperature and acidification meant that marine creatures were hit the hardest. But about a million years after this bloodbath, an oddball ichthyosaur shows just how quickly the planet bounced back — and evolved astonishingly diverse new species.

When mass extinctions occur, new kinds of plants and animals are able to flourish. That’s why humans exist: The extinction event that killed the dinosaur left the Earth without a reigning champ, so to speak – most of the planet’s massive predators (and most voracious vegetarians) disappeared. Some tiny, rodent-like mammals happened to have the right skill set to survive the carnage, and in the new world they had a sudden abundance of food and lack of predators. They (and other surviving animals) quickly evolved to fill all the different ecological niches left behind by dinosaurs, from the giant predators to the lazy grazers. Today, mammals fill many of the slots left behind by the dinosaurs. If another mass extinction wiped out most mammals, some other group would likely evolve to take spots left by humans, cheetahs, rats and everything in between.

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10 Ancient Sites That Might Be Stargates, Portals And Wormholes

This article originally appeared on listverse.com.

Many ancient cultures speak of portals to other worlds and gateways to star systems where their “creators” reside. Conventional wisdom tells us these tales are merely myths and legends. However, recent declassified FBI files have stated that our Earth has been visited by beings from other dimensions and planets. NASA has announced that “portals” do indeed appear to be hidden within the Earth’s magnetic field, making some wonder if the legends of stargates, portals and wormholes may have some degree of truth to them.

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Mysterious 13ft Sea Creature Washes Up On Beach In Mexico

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

It looks like something from a terrifying horror movie, but this is the mystery sea creature that’s baffled experts after washing up on a tourist beach in Mexico.

The monstrous 4-metre (13-foot-long) beast was discovered on Bonfil Beach, in the city of Acapulco, in the south-west Mexican state of Guerrero.

Stunned beach-goers stood around the beast and began taking photos – while also speculating on the possible species of the creature.

The creature’s body was washed on the shore by strong currents that have been affecting parts of the Mexican coast.

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Ghost Hunter Captures ‘Terrifying Figure’ At Historic 15th Century Building

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

An experienced ghost hunter claims to have captured the terrifying image of a woman in the grounds of a historic 15th Century building.

Erica Gregory, 49, spent the night with other members of her paranormal activity group in Turton Tower in Bolton, Lancashire – in a bid to gather physical evidence showing the presence of something out there.

The group spent most of their time indoors but it was Erica’s impromptu trip outside for a bit of fresh air that unearthed the most exciting discovery of the evening.

Erica said: ‘When outside I saw an old tree, it must have been about 100 years old. Looking at the tree, I felt there was a kind of mist forming around it.

‘I took a picture of it on my camera phone and when I got back inside I added an infrared filter to the back and was shocked to see the image looked like a woman in a long dress peering out from behind the tree.

‘You can see the energy of the shape – it’s bright in comparison to the tree that just looks grey.

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Mysterious burst of radio waves traced to galaxy billions of light-years away

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

For the first time, a mysterious blast of energy known as a Fast Radio Burst (FRB) has been precisely traced to a distant galaxy, bringing scientists even closer to figuring out the origins of these odd cosmic flashes.

On April 18, 2015, a telescope caught sight of the FRB, and mere hours later, other telescopes found its location, tracing the source of the burst to a galaxy about 6 billion light-years away, according to a new study published in the journal Nature this week.

This marks the first time the distance to an FRB has been measured.

FRBs send out as much energy in a fraction of a second as the sun puts out in 10,000 years, but they are exceedingly difficult to find.

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UFO Enthusiast Flies Drone Over Area 51 To See If The Truth Is Out There After All

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

Is the truth out there after all?

Han Faulkner certainly thinks so, and decided to test his theory by flying a DRONE over Area 51 – the secretive Nevada air base that has been long associated with rumours of alien activity.

It is the place where the U.S. military developed stealth technologies and the U2 spy plane – and its existence was only acknowledged by the CIA in 2013.

But the base has been associated with alien activity ever since physicist Bob Knapp claimed in the 1980s that alien spaceships were being stored in a mountain-side hangar.

Since then, it has been a pilgrimage site for UFO enthusiasts, although the closest that the public are able to get is 26 miles away on a mountain range called Tikaboo Peak.

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Disturbing video of snow-stomping Yeti surfaces online

This article originally appeared on cnet.com.

There’s something moving in the snow at the Formigal-Panticosa ski resort in Spain. It’s big and shuffling and as white as the ground. And it was caught on camera.

As with pretty much all Sasquatch-style sightings, the video is short, fuzzy and shaky, but it is possible to see what appears to be a large humanoid shape moving in the distance. Two photos were posted to the Spanish-language forum ForoCoches.com on January 29, and the shaky video appeared on YouTube last week, causing a hullabaloo.

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