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Ghost Hunter Captures ‘Terrifying Figure’ At Historic 15th Century Building

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

An experienced ghost hunter claims to have captured the terrifying image of a woman in the grounds of a historic 15th Century building.

Erica Gregory, 49, spent the night with other members of her paranormal activity group in Turton Tower in Bolton, Lancashire – in a bid to gather physical evidence showing the presence of something out there.

The group spent most of their time indoors but it was Erica’s impromptu trip outside for a bit of fresh air that unearthed the most exciting discovery of the evening.

Erica said: ‘When outside I saw an old tree, it must have been about 100 years old. Looking at the tree, I felt there was a kind of mist forming around it.

‘I took a picture of it on my camera phone and when I got back inside I added an infrared filter to the back and was shocked to see the image looked like a woman in a long dress peering out from behind the tree.

‘You can see the energy of the shape – it’s bright in comparison to the tree that just looks grey.

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Is This Proof The Grim Reaper Is Real? Sceptic Captures Spooky Graveyard Pic

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

A skeptic who set out to prove ghosts don’t exist came away a believer after capturing what looks like the Grim Reaper on camera.

Dean Johnson was more Scully than Mulder when he went out on a mission to Northamptonshire’s haunted Weedon Bec cemetery to put an end to the urban legends once and for all.

However, even he was left unable to explain the mysterious misty swirl that resembled the hooded figure of Death that he captured on his camera.

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‘Ghost On Horseback’ Captured In Chilling Graveyard Photo

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Where are you most likely to see a ghost? In a graveyard, of course.

But not many graveyards have ghosts riding horses.

Yet try telling that to amateur photographer Richard Durham, who captured a spectre on horseback in a snap he took at Weedon Bec cemetery in Daventry, Northamptonshire on New Year’s Day.

The 45-year-old gardener from nearby Boothville was testing out his new camera at about 9am when he took the picture of what appears to be a ghostly figure on top of a ghostly steed among some headstones.

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Ghosts prompt asylum seekers in Sweden to request new housing

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STOCKHOLM — Thirty-five asylum-seekers have asked to be relocated from a refugee housing facility in southern Sweden because they believe it’s haunted by ghosts, officials said Wednesday.

The asylum-seekers were spooked by flickering lights and noise in the plumbing system at the facility in Grannaforsa, a small village in Smaland province, said Magnus Petersson, a local manager at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Petersson said 35 of the 58 people living in the shelter came to the agency’s office in the nearby town of Alvesta on Tuesday, demanding to be relocated. They reluctantly returned to the shelter at the end of the day after being told there were no ghosts – and no alternative housing available – Petersson said.

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Dark Hooded Figures – Paranormal Source Blog Post

This article originally appeared on The Paranormal Source.

Dark hooded figures….

Google it, and see what comes up. Seeing all those results and reading the stories online, it makes me feel like maybe I’m the only on that hasn’t seen them. It’s a topic that fascinates me. Not only that they exist, but what are they? They are called many different things, but the descriptions and stories are very similar. Where do they come from? Are they good, evil, or indifferent? Why do they come, and how do they choose who they appear to? These are just a few of the list of questions my mind generates as I find more and more accounts of people seeing these figures. Let me tell you why I became interested in this.

Awhile back, I was talking to my brother-in-law, Victor. He seems to be either sensitive, or have something about him that attracts spirits to him. This also appears to run in their family. They each have quite a few stories over the years of paranormal experiences. When you listen to the stories, you first think how unlucky he must have been to have lived in so many haunted places throughout his life. How could someone have such bad luck to run into it again and again? But then he tells you something that makes it all clear. It’s not the places he lives in, it’s him. He is followed.

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‘Ghost child’ caught on camera by teens at Christmas dinner – or is it?

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Two teenagers claim to have taken a picture of a ghost while they were out for a Christmas dinner.

Sophie Killip and Kayleigh Lomas, both 19, took a picture of the long tables and decorations decked out ready for a Christmas party.

But when they examined the snap an hour later they noticed a ghostly dark-haired child sitting at the end of the table.

The girl, who appeared to have cuts on her head, wore old fashioned clothes and seemed to be staring straight at the camera from sunken eyes.

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The world’s creepiest playground is inside a cemetery!

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Maple Hill Cemetery is well-known across Alabama for being home to some important historical figures– many governors, Senators, and members of the Union and Confederate armies have made their final resting place the scenic burial ground. It was founded all the way back in 1822, and even though it didn’t receive the name “Maple Hill” until about 1901 (people just called it “the burial ground”) it’s been developed into a lovely spot, with gardens and ornate mausoleums. Maple Hill Cemetery is also famed for having the world’s scariest playground. Yep, a park inside a cemetery. The locals call it Dead Children’s Playground, and despite the blunt nickname, everyone seems to love it.

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Watch ‘ghost’ of child caught on camera as it manifests in man’s front room

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This is the spooky apparition which looks to be the ghost of a child captured floating on camera.

The eerie figure is caught on film appearing in a man’s front room before moving across the shot and back again.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook and has been viewed more than 600,000 times.

But instead of being scared of the ‘ghost’ the owner of the house was said to be delighted.

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Who’s Haunting Fort Harrod?

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t’s been 200 years since settlers and soldiers died defending Fort Harrod. The wind and rain has even erased the names of the victims off of the limestone grave markers, but are some of these victims still lingering at the tourist attraction?

LEX 18’s Richard Essex went to Harrodsburg to find out who is haunting the Old Fort Harrod State Park.

“So you had multiple deaths, heinous deaths, people being burned at the stake people being shot almost on a daily basis,” David Coleman, an employee at Fort Harrod, told LEX 18. “This was an extremely heinous place to live, if you lived through the day it was a very good day.”

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Norway Has a New Passion: Ghost Hunting

This article originally appeared on NY Times.

MOSS, Norway — Like many Europeans, Marianne Haaland Bogdanoff, a travel agency manager in this southern Norwegian town, does not go to church, except maybe at Christmas, and is doubtful about the existence of God.

But when “weird things” — inexplicable computer breakdowns, strange smells and noises and complaints from staff members of constant headaches — started happening at the ground-floor travel office, she slowly began to put aside her deep skepticism about life beyond the here and now. After computer experts, electricians and a plumber all failed to find the cause of her office’s troubles, she finally got help from a clairvoyant who claimed powers to communicate with the dead. The headaches and other problems all vanished.

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Viewer Sends Mysterious Video and Asks; Is This A Ghost?

This article originally appeared on NBC Right Now.

KENNEWICK, WA. — Do you believe in ghosts? If not, we’ve got a story for you that might not change you mind. But it could make you think.

The video isn’t long or complex, just 10 seconds of a shadowy figure moving one way, and then moving back. The question is what do you think it is?

The ghouls and goblins from Halloween may be put away. But real life ghosts, if they exist, may never go away. A viewer who wished to remain anonymous sent us this surveillance video from their front yard with one question, “Is this a ghost?”

“There is a basic humanistic outline to it,” Richard Flynn of CenterState Paranormal Investigators said. “So initial reaction I would have to say there is something behind it.”

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The ghosts of Finn’s Point National Cemetery

This article originally appeared on

Even though Halloween has come and gone, the spooky stories that liven up the creepiest time of year don’t disappear after the last jack-o-lantern shrivels up and gets tossed onto the compost pile.

Ghost stories are all around us everyday. Some may even be right in our backyards.

On Oct. 24, Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society and Revolution Tours hosted its fourth annual Historic Ghost Tour of Salem County.

The tour — which was the event that got me involved with JUMPS three years ago — combines historical fact with legendary ghost stories about several locations in Salem County.

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American Hauntings presents the Biggest, Most Exciting & Most Chilling Halloween Event of 2015!

This event originally appeared on Prairie Ghosts.

Live on the stage of the Haunted Lincoln Theater in Decatur, Illinois! It will be an event like no other you have ever attended before as we try and reach beyond the grave and contact the famed magician and escape artist Harry Houdini! No chains could hold Houdini — but can death?

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Plausibility of ghosts offers otherworldly possibilities

This article originally appeared on The Chicago Tribune.

Kristy Hansen adjusted her special flashlight and set it on top of the long-abandoned cot inside the old Lake County Jail in Crown Point.

As legend goes, that rusty, empty cot was once used by none other than John Dillinger, who now has a museum featuring his life and death just a few blocks away in the old county courthouse.

As midnight approached, Dillinger’s old jail cell was quiet as a cemetery except for a handful of disruptive guests, including me.

“Can you let us know you’re here?” Hansen asked the empty air as we stared at that flashlight. “Can you turn it on?”

Hansen is by far the most polite ghost hunter I’ve ever watched, as if she was asking her sickly grandmother to turn on a bedroom light. Instead, she asked the ghost of John Dillinger — or any other ghost in that monstrous old building — for a sign from the other world. It could be from a ghostly jail guard, a long-deceased inmate or anyone else whose spirit was still incarcerated at that spot.

“Are you here with us?” Hansen asked again.

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Terrifying moment ‘Black-Eyed Ghost Child’ caught on camera roaming through woods

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A team of ghostbusters claims to have captured the Black-Eyed Child of Cannock Chase on camera – after spending six hours searching for paranormal activity.

After setting up its cameras, the team trawled through Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, in the hope of capturing a ghostly apparition on film.

And the group is now claiming it was successful in its quest, and have evidence which it say proves it.

Have you caught something paranormal on camera? Share your pictures and videos using the form at the bottom of this article

Tom Buckmaster, who captured the footage, said: “It looks like a child dressed in white – you can see the legs moving as it walks.

“I didn’t even know I had captured the ghost until I went over the footage and thought, ‘What the hell was that?'”

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Planet Paranormal Investigations explores the Queen Mary and other haunted SoCal spots

This article originally appeared on

It was dark and Bob Davis was alone, locked in a cell on D Block, the maximum security section of Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Suddenly someone grabbed his shoulder sharply while whispering in his ear, “You’re mine.” Davis banged at the cell door begging to be let out.

This family trip would change Davis’ life. The 13-year-old didn’t believe in ghosts when he agreed to be locked into a cell during a guided tour of Alcatraz nor did he breathe a word of what he experienced to his family and the rest of the tour group after he was let out, but that afternoon Davis read his first book about the paranormal and began the path to his part-time career.

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A Paranormal Investigation Yields Bizarre Experiences at the David Oman House

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.

Having witnessed phony paranormal activity contrived by means of practical effects at various Halloween haunt events over the past few weeks, I was thrilled to be invited to a real paranormal investigation at an actual haunted house. Ghost hunters are often dismissed as kooky crackpots or total frauds; and it seemed like an interesting opportunity to learn about their techniques. However, I was also skeptical. The event was to celebrate the release of Poltergeist on Blu-ray and DVD. Would it be a mere sales presentation, perhaps involving interactive performances culminating in some sort of staged spectral encounter?

Curiosity outweighed my skepticism. In any event, Twentieth Century Fox would undoubtedly put on a good show.

Researching the Beverly Hills location, I once again felt dubious. There is some question–as there is of any haunted place–as to whether or not the house is truly inhabited by spirits. David Oman, a film producer, lives there. No one has actually died on site, though Sharon Tate and four others were infamously murdered at the house that once existed 150 feet from the premises.

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