Ghost Hunter Captures ‘Terrifying Figure’ At Historic 15th Century Building

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

An experienced ghost hunter claims to have captured the terrifying image of a woman in the grounds of a historic 15th Century building.

Erica Gregory, 49, spent the night with other members of her paranormal activity group in Turton Tower in Bolton, Lancashire – in a bid to gather physical evidence showing the presence of something out there.

The group spent most of their time indoors but it was Erica’s impromptu trip outside for a bit of fresh air that unearthed the most exciting discovery of the evening.

Erica said: ‘When outside I saw an old tree, it must have been about 100 years old. Looking at the tree, I felt there was a kind of mist forming around it.

‘I took a picture of it on my camera phone and when I got back inside I added an infrared filter to the back and was shocked to see the image looked like a woman in a long dress peering out from behind the tree.

‘You can see the energy of the shape – it’s bright in comparison to the tree that just looks grey.

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