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What Are Group Sites?

Group Sites are websites hosted by The PACC that give your group a cost effective web presence to share it’s crytozoological, paranormal, or extraterrestrial investigations. Every group that investigates the unknown needs a platform dedicated to their teams efforts, somewhere to share their evidence, thoughts and conclusions after each investigation. Group Sites provide just such a platform for only $14.95 a month.

Why get a Group Site through The PACC?

Custom websites can cost thousands of dollars. Group Sites through The PACC cost $14.95 a month and have everything your crytozoological, paranormal, or extraterrestrial investigation group needs. Get an awesome website, packed with everything you'll need, for what you'd pay for hosting elsewhere. Spend your hard earned money on the important things in life; HD cameras, digital voice recorders, camera traps, thermal imagers and tacos!.
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What are the features and what will it cost me?

For only $14.95 a month, Group Sites from The PACC are loaded with all the features you need and want in a website. Your Group Site comes with the standards you’d expect plus features like the ability to publish articles and blogs and an Investigation pages, the heart of your Group Site. The Investigation page contain an area to write about your investigation, add participant thoughts, as well as and photo, video, and audio galleries. Your Group Site also has an admin panel, where you can easily, add, edit and remove content as you wish. You get all these features, and more, for just $14.95 a month. Plus, your first month free with no obligation, cancel anytime.

So let's get started. After all, your first month is free.

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