The Real ‘X-Files’? CIA Reveals Weirdest UFO Stories

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

The real-life stories of UFOs would be enough for the fictional “X-Files” FBI agents Mulder and Scully to spend a lifetime investigating.

With a nod to the new “X-Files” reboot (which airs on Fox on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET), the Central Intelligence Agency has released a trove of once classified documents on several real-life unidentified flying objects.

Not surprisingly, many of these UFO sightings emerged in the early 1950s. The space race was on, the Cold War fears had reached a fever pitch, and science-fiction movies like “The Flying Saucer” (1950) catapulted schlocky depictions of aliens and their flying machines into the popular consciousness. In fact, by 1953, UFO mania had reached such heights that the CIA marshaled a team of scientific consultants to investigate all of the reports and review the “Unidentified Flying Object Problem,” according to a 1953 memorandum by the agency.

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Enormous Structures Might Be Hiding in the Middle of Our Galaxy

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For years, astronomers have been puzzled by a quandary known as the global missing baryon problem, which struggles to pin down the whereabouts of unaccounted for matter in the universe. So where has all the matter gone? Scientists may have just figured it out.
Astronomers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization’s Compact Array station in Eastern Australia have reportedly made a mind-bending discovery. Using Compact Array telescopes located onsite, IFL Science reports that researchers may have uncovered “invisible” entities so large that they could stretch the length of space it takes Earth to make a full rotation around the sun. The entities are located in the Sagittarius constellation, and the missing matter scientists have been searching for could be contained within them.

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CIA Releases Secret UFO Files – Including Spaceships Over Britain In 1962

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

It’s the moment UFO fans have been waiting for – the CIA has hand-selected some formerly top-secret files and photos to ‘prove’ extraterrestrials exist.

Sadly for extraterrestrial fans, the files are a bit lacking in alien autopsies and crashed flying saucers – but they’re a fascinating insight into the height of the ‘flying saucer’ era.

The CIA released the files – seemingly to coincide with the new X-Files episodes – provoking disbelief on UFO websites.

One report, entitled, Flying Saucers and dated 1 August 1952, says, ‘Less than 100 reasonably credible reports remain ‘unexplainable’ at this time. It is recommended that CIA surveillance be continued.

‘It is strongly urged, however, that no reports of CIA interest or concern reach the press or public.

The CIA said, ‘We’ve decided to highlight a few documents both skeptics and believers will find interesting.

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Are There Aliens? 4 Theories About Life on Other Planets

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1. There are chemical precursors to life on other planets — the same one’s that could have kickstarted Earth.

While the origin of life on Earth can still be debated among the scientific community, new findings suggest that the first traces of life on the planet over 3 billion years ago could be attributed to organic chemical reactions, according to Live Science.

The study, presented in January 2013 at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, broadly concludes that life could originate from complex organic compounds formed within gas, dust, and plasma-filled interstellar clouds. As a result, these chemicals were then deposited onto Earth in the form of asteroids and meteors — which hit our planet much more frequently in Earth’s infancy.

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UFO caught on video inspecting chemtrails.

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A witness from El Cajon in San Diego, California, reports detecting a mysterious UFO in a video of an ascending jet he recorded. He noticed the UFO while reviewing the video long after he recorded it.

He confirmed the presence of a UFO in the video by slowing it down and capturing still frames that show the UFO flying past the jet’s contrails.

Some conspiracy theorists have suggested the jet’s trails are not normal contrails, but chemtrails, and that the UFO was likely investigating to determine why the plane was spraying toxic chemical agents.

Chemtrails conspiracy theorists are saying that this video is proof that aliens are aware of government chemtrails.

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We Haven’t Found Aliens Because They’re All Already Dead, Scientists Say

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The reason there has never been a confirmed sighting of an alien – or a message from an alien race – could be very depressing.

The reason we haven’t heard from aliens is because they’re all already dead, a new study has suggested.

Researchers from Australian National University suggest that the environments on early planets tend to be so hostile that even when life arises, it is quickly exterminated.

‘The Universe is probably filled with habitable planets, so many scientists think it should be teeming with aliens,’ said Aditya Chopra from the Australian National University.

‘Early life is fragile, so we believe it rarely evolves quickly enough to survive.’

‘Most early planetary environments are unstable. To produce a habitable planet, life forms need to regulate greenhouse gases such as water and carbon dioxide to keep surface temperatures stable.’’

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What Killed the real-life King Kong?

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One of the most mysterious huge animals in the fossil record is the ape Gigantopithecus. Only a few bones have ever been found, and we still do not know the secrets to its existence. One thing though, is quite clear: Thanks to a team from the Seckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, we finally know why it is no longer among us today.

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Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years

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They call it “Ball’s Pyramid.” It’s what’s left of an old volcano that emerged from the sea about 7 million years ago. A British naval officer named Ball was the first European to see it in 1788. It sits off Australia, in the South Pacific. It is extremely narrow, 1,844 feet high, and it sits alone.

What’s more, for years this place had a secret. At 225 feet above sea level, hanging on the rock surface, there is a small, spindly little bush, and under that bush, a few years ago, two climbers, working in the dark, found something totally improbable hiding in the soil below. How it got there, we still don’t know.

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That bizarre-looking star just got a lot weirder, and yes — it could be aliens

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Three months ago, news broke that a giant “alien megastructure” could exist around a bizarre-looking star 1,500 light years away.

While the prospect of aliens was first launched by Penn State astronomer Jason Wright, almost everyone in the astronomy community agreed that the chances that this was the case were “very low.”

Now, the latest investigations into this strange star by Louisiana State University astronomer Bradley Schaefer have re-ignited the alien theory, New Scientist reported.

What makes this star, called KIC8462852, so bizarre is the drastic changes in light we see from it over time. Many stars experience temporary fluctuations in brightness, increasing and decreasing in luminosity over time, but KIC8462852’s changes are severe by comparison.

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That time I went looking for Bigfoot

This article originally appeared on The NY Post.

I honestly don’t know if Bigfoot exist.

But after spending an extremely cold evening in the New Jersey woods, I think they must hate the cold as much as I do.

The coldest night of the winter (so far) just happened to coincide with my outdoor excursion at High Point State Park, in Sussex, NJ, with Ranae Holland and Matt Moneymaker — the stars of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.”

And the weather wasn’t a coincidence; Ranae attributes the sudden temperature drop to something she calls the “Curse of the Sasquatch.”

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Is This Proof The Grim Reaper Is Real? Sceptic Captures Spooky Graveyard Pic

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

A skeptic who set out to prove ghosts don’t exist came away a believer after capturing what looks like the Grim Reaper on camera.

Dean Johnson was more Scully than Mulder when he went out on a mission to Northamptonshire’s haunted Weedon Bec cemetery to put an end to the urban legends once and for all.

However, even he was left unable to explain the mysterious misty swirl that resembled the hooded figure of Death that he captured on his camera.

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UFO sighting in P.E.I. disputed

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Theories are pouring in to explain what some say was a UFO sighting off P.E.I.’s North Shore in June 2014, but a national UFO group is standing by its conclusion.

Moncton’s John Sheppard shot around eight minutes of video showing bright lights in the sky over the Gulf of St. Lawrence while camping at Twin Shores campground in the late spring that year.

He submitted the video to Mutual UFO Network of Canada (MUFON), which looked into the sighting and concluded it was an unidentified aerial vehicle — or UAV. ​

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‘Ghost On Horseback’ Captured In Chilling Graveyard Photo

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Where are you most likely to see a ghost? In a graveyard, of course.

But not many graveyards have ghosts riding horses.

Yet try telling that to amateur photographer Richard Durham, who captured a spectre on horseback in a snap he took at Weedon Bec cemetery in Daventry, Northamptonshire on New Year’s Day.

The 45-year-old gardener from nearby Boothville was testing out his new camera at about 9am when he took the picture of what appears to be a ghostly figure on top of a ghostly steed among some headstones.

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Hillary Clinton Vows To Investigate UFOs And Area 51

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is hoping to make history, not just as the first woman president, but as the political leader who is going to “get to the bottom” of the mystery behind UFOs.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire Tuesday, Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun reminded the former secretary of state that he had previously asked her about UFOs in 2007.

According to Steer, “Back in 2007, Clinton had said that the No. 1 topic of freedom-of-information requests that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, received at his library was UFOs.”

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Ghosts prompt asylum seekers in Sweden to request new housing

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STOCKHOLM — Thirty-five asylum-seekers have asked to be relocated from a refugee housing facility in southern Sweden because they believe it’s haunted by ghosts, officials said Wednesday.

The asylum-seekers were spooked by flickering lights and noise in the plumbing system at the facility in Grannaforsa, a small village in Smaland province, said Magnus Petersson, a local manager at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Petersson said 35 of the 58 people living in the shelter came to the agency’s office in the nearby town of Alvesta on Tuesday, demanding to be relocated. They reluctantly returned to the shelter at the end of the day after being told there were no ghosts – and no alternative housing available – Petersson said.

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